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Brewtools Unitanks are fermenters made for ambitious homebrewers and small breweries.

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Brewtools Unitanks are fermenters made for ambitious homebrewers and small breweries.


  • A surface treatment which consists of steel blasting and electropolishing inside and outside. Offers a superior corrosion resistance and simple cleaning.
  • Cooling jacket in the vertical walls offers efficient cooling without the hazzle of cleaning a spiral.
  • Many options for connecting accessories like sensors, heaters, carb. stones and other accessories.
  • Pressure rated for 2 bar / 30 PSI.
  • 8" TC port on top for easy access.
  • 2" TC dump and racking valves.


  • Unitank with adjustable frame
  • 1 pcs Analog pressure gauge, TC34mm
  • 2 pcs Butterfly-valve, 2"
  • 1 pcs Butterfly-valve, 34mm DN20
  • 1 pcs Blow-off pipe
  • 1 pcs Racking arm 2"
  • 1 pcs TC elbow 90°, 2"
  • 1 pcs Insulation jacket, black neoprene
  • 1 pcs Sample valve, 34mm
  • 1 pcs TC Adapter 8"-4"
  • 1 pcs TC blind cap, 4"
  • 1 pcs TC blind cap 2"
  • 2 pcs TC blind cap 1.5"
  • 3 pcs TC blind cap 34mm
  • 2 pcs TC gasket 8" lipped
  • 2 pcs TC gasket 4"
  • 2 pcs TC gasket 2" 5-pack
  • 1 pcs TC gasket 1.5" 5-pack
  • 3 pcs TC gasket 34mm 5-pack
  • 1 pcs Tri Clamp 8"
  • 1 pcs Tri Clamp 4"
  • 5 pcs Tri Clamp 2"
  • 2 pcs Tri Clamp 1.5"
  • 10 pcs Tri Clamp 34mm
  • 1 pcs TC tool
  • 4 pcs M10 steel/rubber feet
  • 1 pcs TC34mm safety valve (PRV, 2 bar)
  • Necessary bolts and parts for assembly
Internal Diameter Tank: 50 cm
Maximum Pressure 2.0 bar / 30 PSI
Height Lägst: 130 cm | Högst: 155 cm
Material Stainless Steel SS304 | 1.5 mm thickness
Volume Total: 150 L
Volume Max Recommended: 140 L
Volume Minimum Volume: 45 L

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Brewtools is a brand owned by Apparatus AS, a product design company. The company vision is 'Sustainable Innovation', and we work hard to make sure the Brewtools product line reflects this vision of quality and smart solutions.

We believe in thinking outside the box and finding clever ways of doing things, together with our customers. We believe we actually can build great products in Norway - with our own hands - and still make the business sustainable. We believe that you, our customers and friends, deserves to be heard and that we listen to you..

The Brewtools brand, is a result of years of dedicated work, long nights and many good beers. Our vision is to design and build brewing equipment that brings enthusiasm and love for the beer brewing process. We are dedicated to bringing many great products and accessories to the market in the future, with the help of close cooperation with our followers..

We work with some amazing manufacturers that make the parts we need. Many parts are build by hand, by people that love metalwork, CNC machining, welding and polishing. We love when parts are built to last a lifetime. We assemble and test all of the brewing systems in our own facilities in Grimstad, in the south of Norway. Doing the assembly ourselves is probably not the most cost efficient method, and many has advised against it, but we don’t listen. We love being able to put everything together, test it, pack it and ship it to you, so that you don’t have to worry.

Our control systems will always be a the heart of our products. We have some truly devoted hardware and software engineers helping us build the systems we design to the highest standard, and make them future-proof. We are dedicated to spending a lot of time on making the on-board software just what our users want, before you know you want it. We are also looking forward to making a cloud service that will tie it all together. We believe that we should integrate our systems with the calculation and recipe software you already use, in stead of designing our own.