MaltMagnus AB
ORGNR: 556876-6801
Östra åby 408, Hagen 692 93,  Kumla, SWEDEN
TEL: +46(0)19189790


All prices is shown with VAT as standard. All payments goes through SVEA Bank.


Your Right Of Withrawal is valid for 14 days. When you contact us it must be clear why you want to use the right of withdrawal. The withdrawal period begins the day you have recieved your order or a substantial part of it. If the agreement concerns a custom-made item - or a product that has a clear personal touch, the withdrawal period begins on the date we provided information.


  • Right Of Withdrawal does not apply to foods (malt, yeast, hops, extract, eccenses) or products in the "On Sale" category.
  • Right Of Withdrawal does not apply to orders or products custom-made specifically for an individual customer, e.g. hoses that has been cut in ordered lengths.
  • Right Of Withdrawal does not apply to magazines or licenses for computer programs.
  • Right Of Withdrawal does not apply to non stock items that you have to preorder.

This service has commenced during the withdrawal period with your consent. The price depends on the financial market's fluctuations, the product can not be returned if the seal is broken on audio or video recordings or computer programs. Seal also refers to technical sealing,


You are required to keep the products in as good condition as when you recieved them. If you opened, tested or used the product, you are responsible for the products reduced value only as a result of any handling other than necessary to determine the nature, characteristics and function of the product. If the product on arrival to us prove to be in such a bad condition or so heavily used or damaged that we do not consider it to be marketable as a new product, we will decide on a 100% decrease of its value. If the product are damaged or disposed of because you are negligent if it is badly packed or lost during transportation back to us, you will lose the right to refund for the product. Therefore, always make sure to pack returns well and also sign a transport insurance with your carrier in case you consider it necessary. MaltMagnus does not refund lost packages or damaged products due to poor packaging. You are also required to ensure that the product arrive at MaltMagnus within 14 days of your application to exercice the right of withdrawal. You are responsible for all freight and packaging costs incurred by a return on the use of your right of withdrawal. If the product are not delivered within 14 days, no right of withdrawal applies. We will refund the products within 30 days after we have recieved the products. Prerequisite for repayment is also that you have paid full payment for the product and that you have no unpaid debt to MaltMagnus AB.



We guarantee that all¹ products are in good condition when they leave our store. If anything occurs during transportation or during brewing and fermentation, it is beyond our control and will not be replaced or refunded (except where it is a visible transportation damage. Send damage report to the transport company immediately).
  • MaltMagnus has no responsibility for your final product. We do not replace or refund beer kits that went wrong. Yeast will not be refunded or replaced if your fermentation don't start because it is beyond our control.
  • We do not replace hop packages where the vacuum seal has been punctured during transportation (except visible transport damage) as this is beyond our control. All hops are vacuum sealed at the time of delivery.
  • We also do not replace the final product, work time, cost, lost revenue, damage to premises / equipment or damage to persons/staff as this is beyond our control.
  • Products in the ON SALE category are exempt from warrany and right of withdrawal. Certain items may have specific terms, see product description for each product. Unless stated separately in the product description applies to what is stated in the terms of purchase.

We normally leave 1 year warranty on equipment from the purchase date or delivery date if these dates differ significalitly from each other. The warranty does not cover what we call "consumables", for example, batteries, plastic faucets, spray bottles, swabs, buckets, other simple plastic products, etc. It also applies to accessories for products such as O-rings, gaskets etc. In case of warranty, we will NOT charge you for shipping, handling and repaircosts if the product shows to be broken or has a malfunction. If a product is returned to us for warranty repair and it turns out that there is no product malfunction or that the product is incorrect/carelessly used, we reserve the right to invoice the investigation fee of 500 SEK, shipping costs and other possible expenses we had in connection with the return. Warranty does not apply if a customer has modified or changed a product on his/hers own behalf. The product must be in it's original condition.


Always inspect your goods carefully upon arrival. If the outer packaging or the products are damaged on arrival, the damage should be directly reported to the transport company and driver. Take pictures and ensure that the damage is confirmed by the driver or agent. Concealed damage or missing goods that appears when you open your package or pallet should be notified to MaltMagnus AB as soon as possible and absolutly no later than 7 days after recieving the package or pallet. Complaints receieved later than 7 days will not be considered. In case of damage, always document with pictures and save the packaging and broken products until the damage is investigated. If a picture can not be displayed, no compensation can be paid or replacement item be sent.


When placing an order order at MaltMagnus AB you provide us with your personal information. With your registration and order you agree that we store and use your information in our business to be able to complete the agreement with you. In case of larger/expensive orders against invoice, credit information may be taken. You have the right to obtain the information we have registered about you in accordance with the Personal Information Act. If it is incorrect, incomplete or irrelevant, you may request that the information be corrected or removed. If so, contact us via info@maltmagnus.se. Your information is not disclosed to third parties. In the event of a credit check or remark check, we have the right to change the payment options for your order, if necessary. 


Orders are normally shipped within 1-3 week days from that the order is placed. Orders placed on Fridays-Sundays are usually packed on Monday or Tuesday. Orders placed on Mondays are usually packed on Wednesday or Thursday. Orders placed Tuesday-Wednesday are usually packed on Thursday or Friday. To have a good chance of recieving your order before the weekend, you should place your order on Sunday.

Please note that if you choose a delivery option that does not match the information you provided, MaltMagnus AB reserves the right to change your delivery to the appropriate delivery option.

  • PostNord - MyPack Collect
    For shipments 0-74 kg. Your package is delivered to a representative near your address, a so-called "Service Point". There you pick up your package (s)  from presentation of ID and package number. Notification when your package is available via SMS or with the "My Package" and "PostNord" apps. The maximum weight is 20 kg per package incl. packaging. For orders with an item weight of over 18.5 kg we pack in several packages. Your parcel is delivered to your regular representative (PostNord chooses the proxy after postal code, so be sure to enter the correct postal code when ordering). Normal transport time is 1-2 working days, local deviations may occur.
  • PostNord - MyPack Home
    For shipments from 0-96 kg. We load a maximum of 32 kg in each package, maximum weight per package incl. packaging is 35 kg. Your package is delivered home to the door. You will be notified via SMS to book your time and day for delivery, you can also book this via the "PostNord" app. Someone must be at home and receive the package. Package delivery takes place on weekdays at. 17:00 - 21:00 at most places in Sweden. Transport time 2-5 working days depending on location. Local deviations may occur. Odd locations may have exit eg. only once a week and or only day out. Contact PostNord on tel. +46771333310 to find out more about delivery in your particular location.
  • PostNord - Business Parcel
    For shipments from 0-96 kg. We load a maximum of 32 kg in each package, maximum weight per package incl. packaging is 35 kg. Your package is delivered to a business address, no notification is made. The address must be manned office hours for reception. Package delivery takes place during the day on weekdays between 07: 00-17: 00. Shipping time 1-2 business days. Local deviations may occur.
  • PostNord - Pallet
    For larger shipments from 90 to 5500 kg. Delivered daytime to manned company address or home delivery after notification.  Shipping time 1-2 business days. Local deviations may occur. For orders larger than 10 pallets, please contact us at info@maltmagnus.se.

You can pick up your order at our warehouse. When your order is ready for pickup we will text you.


If you buy "Expressorder" at checkout, we guarantee that orders made between 00:00 - 10:00 AM will be shipped the same day. Expressorders placed 10:00-24:00 will be shipped the following week day.  We reserve ourselves for unforseen events such as illness amoung the staff or other disorders that my affect delivery of your order eg non-functioning booking system or internet connection failure, natural disaster or other unforeseen factors that may make it impossible for us to handle your order quickly enough. Should any unforeseen problems occur to our warranty above, we will contact you and we will not charge you for the handling of Expressorder.


You can follow your order status via the e-mails that will be sent to you, or in the shop by logging in and see the Order History menu. Once you have placed your order, you will recieve a confirmation e-mail immediately and your order gets the status "Processed". When we start handling your order it will change status to "Ongoing".  When we start weighing and crushing the malt and start packing your order it will get the status "Packing". When your order is packed and ready to be sent or picked up it will get the status "Delivered" or "Packed".

If you have not received a confirmation e-mail or if you are not receiving any status updates within 5 days, please contact us. It is very important that your e-mail address is working properly. If not, you will still be fully liable for your order.


If you have not collected your package and it is returned to us, we reserve the right to charge you for shipping, return shipping, forfeited goods (eatibles/food) plus handling fee that is currently 400 SEK. Packages not collected and returns to us are stored for 14 days from the date of arrival. In case the customer can not be reached via the specified e-mail address or does not contact us back, the package will be discarded. MaltMagnus AB does not store any uncollected packages.

If you refuse to accept your package or if you are not available to collect the package when the shipping company arrives or a incorrect delivery address, we will charge you the additional costs that may occur because of this. Examples of Obstructed Delivery can be unable to park or other obstacles making the carrier unable to deliver your package. An invoice with the increased costs will be sent to you as soon as we receive the invoice from our carrier.

When picking up at our warehouse, please check that all ordered products are there. MaltMagnus does not stand for increased fuel costs or lost working hour due to missed / forgotten products. If you pick up after closing time, there is a sign with telephone numbers. If there is something missing or wrong in your order call these numbers and someone will most definatly come and help you at once.


If you want to return items you have purchased, please contact us at info@maltmagnus.se. Returns are at your own expense except in cases where the items are defective or that we have packed your order incorrectly. Returns must be sent well packed as a recommended letter or a company package. We will not redeem returns that are subject to a fee and will not collect returns on any Service Point or MyPack. If the goods/package are damaged or disposed of because you are negligent, badly packed or lost during transport back to us, you will lose the right of refund, warranty or complaint. Therefore, always make sure to pack returns well and also sign a transport insurance with your carrier in case you consider it necessary. MaltMagnus does not pay for lost packages or damaged products due to poor packaging. In the case of approved complaints and approved warranty issues, we will pay the new shipping cost from us to you.