About us

MaltMagnus was founded by Magnus Lindroos in the garage of his home in 2009. He felt that a segment was missing in the Swedish market - malt in bulk and a malt crushing service. His mission became to broaden and innovate Sweden's range of brewery products. Today, he owns and operates the company together with his wife Veronica Lindroos.

You can customize your order after your recipe. Try our own line of beer kits, choose from a variety of recipes. We measure and crush the malt according to your order, giving you the freshest ingredients for your brew.  Our staff knows how to make beer and do brew themselves, please contact us for consulting!

order@maltmagnus.se Customer Service: +4619-18 97 90.

Thank you for choosing maltmagnus.se!

Sincerely, Veronica and Magnus Lindroos with staff.


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