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Moderately alcohol tolerant with fewer phenols than Belgian Ale

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This strain exhibits a plethora of spice and fruity esters, it has a banana and an almost sub-tropical character to it that is very applicable to Belgian ales.

The flavour and body contributed by Belgian Abbey yeast is sweeter and a less dry strain, this yeast shows malt character and amazing ester profile.

Not such a useful strain for higher alcohol beers this strain will struggle over 8% ABV although strong beers will create excellent flavour and aroma characteristics.

Recommended for: Belgian Pale Ales, Abbey Ales


Alcohol Tolerance ABV 8%
Dosage 20 liters | OG 1.050 - more = 2 packs
Flocculation Medium - High
Liquid / Dry Dry Yeast
Yeast Strain Saccharomyces cerevisiae
Temperature 18 - 25°C
Yeast Style Belgian
Attenuation 73 - 77%
Storage instructions in cooler
STA1 Negative

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