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Spindasol SB1 is a clarifying agent for wort and beer. Used at the end of the wort boil just like eg MM-Klar, Irish Moss or Protafloc. Can also be used for clarification of beer in the yeast tank in tanks up to 6000 L.

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Spindasol SB1 is a specific fining agent for wort and beer. It is made of amorphous silicon dioxide at a concentration of 30%. Technical characteristics such as surface area, particle size and charge are
specifically adjusted in order to achieve the highest possible absorption of coarse break (coarse trub).
After the absorption has occurred through specific weight, an immediate sedimentation takes place.

The technical properties of Spindasol SB1 lead to a difference in performance compared to ordinary
silica sols that have been used up to now. In practice, this leads to a quicker and more efficient sedimentation. In this way, you limit the pause in the whirlpool and thus reduce the risk of formation of DMS (Dimethylsulphide). Shorter pauses bring less colour and improve taste stability of the beer.


  • In wort Spindasol SB1 can be added directly in the wort kettle at the end of the boiling, separately from the hop (after 5 min).
  • It can also be added in the automatic systems of the hop dosing units. In addition,
  • Spindasol SB1 can be dosed in continuous flow between kettle and whirlpool with an automatic process.
  • In the event of leakage rinse the surfaces directly with water.
  • Do not expose the product to air for a longer period of time since it may gel.
Dosage 15 - 30 g/hL - Higher rates can be necessary in wort composed of large quantities of unmalted components (maize, rice, syrups etc)
Ingredients Colloidal silica sol.

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