Interview with Olle


Started working at MM: Started as a substitute autumn 2013 but started full-time in March 2014.

I prefer to brew: 
Modified  beers and Stout.

If I was a beer I would be a (and why): 
Stout, a beer that fits well at all times, can be a bit mellow sometimes, but also too much another time.

My lessiure interests:In addition to beer brewing, fishing is the biggest leisure activity. With two young children at home, unfortunately you do not have the time to do everything you would like to do, but the advantage is that you have something to look forward to.

Describe what you do on MM: I handle order handling, invoicing, purchasing, new product planning, easy maintenance of maltmagnus.se, answering mail and other varied data that may appear during the days.

What job task do you like the most:  All of them! The variation between all my tasks makes it never a quiet moment and you do not really know what can pop up during the day, making every day a new challenge and you'll never be tired of any task.

What have changed since you started working here at MM: Everything, you can not compare what it looks like today compared to how it worked when I started. The old storage was crowded and whatever you would do, there was something that needed to be moved, which meant that everything took time, but you got used to it so there was nothing you thought about then. The thoughtful structure we have today did not exist either, there was no room or time for it, and it clearly shows how we work today.

What have you worked with before MM:  I have worked for Örebro Municipality for 12 years as a habilitation assistant and worked with quality checks in homes with special service. In addition to that, I have studied everything from programming to psychology.

What product do you want to highlight from the assortment: The malt, the most important ingredient in a beer, and where  we today have more than 100 different varieties, making the possibilities endless.