Interview with Veronica

 Started working at MM: Has supported Magnus since the start of MM in our garage. Started to help out a little in 2011 and has since then made a full career and a 49 % ownership of MaltMagnus AB.

Prefer to  brew a: I do not brew myself but bring my ideas to recipes. Love craftbeer and spend a lot of money on the purchase of beer. Supports Swedish breweries as much as I can by shopping frequently!





If I were a beer, I would be a (and why): A Scottish ale. I'm always surronded by the smell and dust of malt in the production, I love baking both bread, fudge and caramells at home. When I'm angry, my eyes gets dark like a dark stout, but my eyes lit up when I get a hold of something sweet.

My leisure interests: I love to read books. I am also a binge watcher of TV series and follows everything from The Handsmaide's Tale and Homeland to The Bachelor (American Version!) and Supernatural.  I highly recommend the  British series Utopia from 2012 - my  favorite one so far! I keep my constantly rotating collection of beer in "My precious" (my own beer cooler).

Describe what you do at MM: In my job as a Press Relations Manager, I write newsletters, update our social medias like Facebook, Instagram and Youtube. I give our customers tips on new products, organize events, festivals and organize competitions. In my role as HR, I see to that there are development talks and I´m the person responsible for recruitment - when you running a growing company you get to do many (fun) tasks!

Which tasks do you like best: Love to be creative and to give our company a voice to our customers, I love to drive the company on it´s best foot forward. To be the one who drives both the staff and myself to develop their roles and develop their talents in niche areas in the company. Best of all is to manage maltmagnus.se together with my husband, we complement each other so well and we make MaltMagnus AB together!

What have changed since MM started: Everything! My and (Magnus) whole life took a turn. Initially, we did everything ourselfs in the company, then  both the staff and products have come to increase. We have found a drive and a will of steel together me and Magnus. The best is the vision and goal we have for the company, we are only at the beginning of MaltMagnus - you just wait and see!

What have you done before: I worked earlier in sales and  helth care. I´ve also had a company in the beauty industry on a smaller scale.

What product do you want to highlight: Our DIY Beer Kits, of course! The beer kits are close to my heart as they are the first product line we developed ourselfs. They  have become a success, we send many, many kits per day to our customers. The best thing about them? The freedom of choice! They are available in different sizes, of they come with freshly crushed malt and freshly packed, tailor-made hops. Step by step instructions and a variety of recipes to choose from - it's never been easier to brew your own crafts at home!